Sunday, January 11, 2009


the most anticipated drama, the most talked drama for the whole last year although it hasn't been aired yet, Boys Before Flowers finally kick off the screen starting on the 5th of january!!! and for me who live outside South Korea, the only choice is waiting for the drama to be upload on the net with subs! and thank god, mysoju & viikii are my saviour!!! well, i still can wait it on kbs world since KBS2 is the broadcast network. but do i really can wait??? hahaha...

(top from L: Goo Joon-pyo, Yoo Ji-hoo; below from L: So Yi-jung; Song Woo-bin)

i just watched it on mysoju for both episodes! lol... i think i juz got BBF's pee-beoh! anybody who watched both Meteor Garden & HYD, you will love this drama! am i too early for that since i just watched 2 episodes??? well, i'm a big fan of this drama from the taiwan, then the japanese version and now korean version... but as for Meteor Garden's fan, BBF really close to the MG version! that means it follows the manga closely!


some of the differences i spotted, the ori version (MG/HYD), the girl went to the same school with F4 but as for BBF, it started the girl didn't went to the same school. she entered the school a bit later after she saved one of the Shin-Hwa's student that about to commit suicide after being bullied by the whole school (he got the Red Card of course). the funny part was, she was there just to send a laundry to the guy who wanted to commit suicide! Shin-Hwa school got into a trouble coz of the incident, so to cool down the situation, the school management offered Jian-di to enter the school. Fully paid of course... kekeke!

then, the war begin... hahaha!!! will continue posting about this drama after i watched the next episodes...! erm, gonna patiently waiting for it since only 2 episodes per week!

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