Saturday, January 17, 2009


lol... i think i was hooked by TaeGoon so much til i post 3 entries on him in a row!!! now, i'm back with TVXQ's story!!!

lately, i'm kinda attracted towards Micky personality! seriously, he has this adorable personality and laugh too!!! i'm still belong to my Joongie k!lol... i knew that in TVXQ, he closes to my hubby!!! Hoshun a.k.a Lady Yoochun, asked me to watch the Couple Talk - Soulmate!!!

Yay... what a talk!!! i'm officially loves this pair! i can see the chemistry between them! and how they really care for each other... spreading loves on JaeChun baybeh.

watch the Couple Talk - Soulmate:

credit: farahmicky@YouTube

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