Sunday, January 18, 2009


lol... what did i just do??? when Mirotic Ver. C was out, i was so depressed coz i just got my Mirotic Ver. B, a day before... how can SM do this to me... although i was really attracted to all the pictures inside, i said to myself, NOPE! enough one of mirotic... i rather buy TVXQ's previous album or THSK's album!

today, when i was walking around One Utama, once again, i entered Speedy (darn, i should stay away from Speedy). actually i was just want to skodeng for TVXQ's Tri-Angle, Rising Sun or THSK's album! but i found Mirotic Version C... the ori Version C!!! arkkk... without thinking so much, i grabbed and buy it @ RM46.90!!! did i said i WILL NOT buy another mirotic version???? what just happened...?


hahaha... but i'm still happy though! i just love the packaging & the mouse pad sticker as the gift is just perfect!!! lol... i don't know whether i should stick the mouse pad sticker somewhere!!! owh... the photobook! i'm crazeeeee OVER tvxq...


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