Saturday, January 17, 2009


actually i'm trying to tahan myself not to blog about this guy until i manage to get his full info! what the heck, til today i still can't find anything about him on the net! balik-balik result search keluar the MV!!! oi, give me TaeGoon's info... i need it badly! hahahaha...

well, TaeGoon is the newbie in k-pop's music scene! but thanks to Hero Jaejoong, he got all the attention that a newbie need! his 'Call Me' mv featured Hero... despite about Hero special appearances in his debut MV, his song 'Call Me' captured a lot of k-pop music fans out there! everybody is talking about the 'Call Me' now!!!

neway, his 1st mini album is out! i have it... lol! very fast ha???? ok, i downloaded it and burned it :p... bianhe! lol... all his songs really easy listening! but the best still 'Call Me'!!!!

Track List:

1. Intro
2. Call Me
3. One Two Step
4. My Girl
5. I Understand You (ft. H-Eugene)
6. Hands Up

as what one of my onionheads' family member, HOSHUN said: TEKANANNYA AKU TENGOK DIA! GILER CUTE... lol! hahaha... he's damneeee cute!!!!

now, you judge yourself, you guys tertekan or not???

credit: TaeGoon Fanclub@facebook + wawa@blogspot + hoshun@blogspot

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