Saturday, January 31, 2009


hey peeps... finally i'm back for good!!!hahahaha... well, i wanna write about my so-so one week holidays... what i did, what i missed, bla-bla-bla!!!

okay, basically my CNY's holidays officially started on 24/01 @ 1pm... i'm having a very long break for CNY since 90% of NSR's staffs are chinese... as for me, i'm so happy coz it is not an easy thing for me to get for a long holiday. i did not planned any specific plans what i'm gonna for th whole week except SLEEP! yes, i planned to sleep kaw-kaw :p

so, on sunday (25/01), it was my big sister (cousin) engagement. technically, i spent the whole day at her place, so it was nothing much... pictures??? i'm still waiting for the pictures... kuikui! the 1st day of CNY (26/01), i went to Times Square meeting some of TVXQ's fans... damn! the parking was RM10 for 5 hours... i should park at Sg. Wang... huhuhu! but, i'm so glad to meet peoples that share the same interest with me... TVXQ's rulezzzzzzzz!!! and Sg. Wang & Times Square really no people... hahahaha! a rarely things to happen...

since, my internet was down, so i can't online! so, my Tues & Wed, i spent my day at home watching Box Sets or movies... LOL!!! here are my list of the drama/movies that i watched:

  • Gokusen 1
  • My Lovely Samsoon (a marathon from monday night til tuesday)
  • Coffee Prince
  • my tutor friend 1
  • she's on duty
  • one tree hill season 6 (part 1)
then on thursday, while i was watching She's On Duty, m friend, Liyana, called me whether i wanna join her for a movie.... gaaaaa! she's my saviour!!! we went to OneU and watched Inkheart... then, we decided to melalak at Red Box The Curve... lepas gian wei...hahaha...

my holiday is still on and i'm currently marathon-ing (cipta word sendiri) a t-drama, Devil Beside You... Mike He!!! woot-woot...

i'll be back for more posting on TVXQ & TaeGoon... i missed a lot... huhuhu! ciao for now... muawhkisssssssss

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