Sunday, January 4, 2009


herm... seems like one of my biggest dream to watch my favorite korean group live in Malaysia, TVXQ, might be just a dream. basically their 3rd Asia Tour will kick off in Seoul in February. and basically they unofficially released about the other asia countries and for the first time Malaysia is not including in TVXQ's Asia Tour.

when i heard about it, i was soooo frustrated coz i got the feeling Malaysia will be in the list since the 1st & 2nd Asia Tour, Malaysia was one of the stop. but too bad this time. the reason of this is because of no budget & no sponsor from Malaysia side... how sad is that???

meanwhile, some malaysian fan is doing a favor by doing a petition that will be hand to tvxq & to warner music malaysia. i'm glad that there are fans really have the spirit to do this stuff. as for me, i decided not to join the petition not because that i'm not supporting it. even i contacted the person incharge and willing to help her if she needs help from the malaysia side. the reason why i'm not going to participate is because i just don't want to hurt myself more... i'm scared that i will put a high hope to this and in the end, i'll get disappointed more...

i will just let it go by the flow. if suddenly they decided to list Malaysia in that tour, i'll be the happiest girl ever and if not, then i'll just accept it and wait for next time... there always have a NEXT TIME aite???

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