Friday, January 16, 2009


lol... i took this quiz on Facebook, WHICH DBSK MEMBER ARE YOU? while i'm wishing i will get my hubby, Hero Jaejoong, the result came out: MICKY YOOCHUN! hahaha... never thought i will get him! but lately i'm falling for his personality! hahaha... still setia with my joongie k! what did the quiz said about my result????

you don't have to spend an hour in front of your closet before a date to choose which clothes you'll look good in; because you're good looking anyway. emotional, sensitive... you are the type who would go by feelings rather than logic at times. it was meant to be a good thing, though, because you are very considerate about others. when you love someone, you'll even buy the moon for that person to show how sincere you are. you're a filial child. to add on, you forgave people easily and that makes everyone wants to be friend with you even more! you love music very much. when facing problem, you'll try to look at it from various angles and try to solve it in a reasonable way. needless to say, your presence is more than enough to calm people down. humble, kind-hearted, polite... you're just flawless, alright!

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