Tuesday, January 6, 2009


today, i would like to reveal some of my lil secret especially to all my fwens that just knew me. before i got crazee over TVXQ, i really like this one artiste... he's a malaysian singer. he's the only malaysian singer that i adore. let me introduce to you, the one and only,Vincent Chong Ying-Cern or his stage name, VINCE!

vince is the first winner of Akademi Fantasia back in 2003. the first time i heard his voice, me immediately got hooked! it is not about his look or so whatever, i just like his voice. after he won the competition, i started to get every details about him and i started to stalk him 'legally'... hahaha! i try to make sure my self to be at all his performances! well, almost...

what is the reward that i got from following him??? he recognised me... that's all i need! well, balik-balik muka yang sama ni yang bertenggek, mesti lah kenal aite! erm, it wasn't just me, there are like 10-15 of us that followed him loyally.

last year february, we got a news that he will fly to Taiwan to take a mandarin class (he's a Chinese+English mix) and planning to be back in september. a day before he flies, he invited like 10 of us & treat us a lunch... i can't forget that memory!!!!

but til december, me or other fans don't hear anything from him at all... but today, i met Roy Mok! Roy is Vince's bestfwen... hahaha! yah, i know his bestfwen :p... he dropped by at my office to meet my boss! and he told me this great news: VINCE WON AN IDOL COMPETITION IN TAIWAN!!!

i was like, was it a Taiwan Idol??? Roy said it is not TI but the competition is bigger than TI... you know how proud i am to hear that... i don't know whether he will pursue his career in Taiwan after this but if he does, i'll be the happiest person ever! maybe if he managed to get into the Taiwan market, he will gain more fans and the chances of me & the oldies to get close to him like before might gone... afterall, i'm still gonna stand behind him although i can't understand the lyrics at all...

here are my fav pix of me & him out of hundreds pix that i have:

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