Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i'm not going to write on what happen during Wild Cicadas Ep. 1 outing coz again, i am lazy to write a long entry... hahahaha! but, one of the member of Wild Cicadas already wrote an entry for it... checkout the full story of our outing here: LUMOS

basically what we did on that day were noraebang or in english is karaoke and watch New Moon! FUN! FUN! so, here are some pictures on what we did on that day ;)

i think i should audition for JYPE or SME or YG...

WILD CICADAS on the move


one of the purpose of this outing was to take picture for Ok Taecyeon's birthday card... yewp, we are sending a card and put this picture in the card ^o^

we were trapped in a magic ball... we need our prince charming to free us... 2PM!!!

few minutes before we heading to watch New Moon...

ps: full pictures of the outing can be seen here
psps: planning on Wild Cicadas Ep. 2... steamboat maybe!