Monday, December 21, 2009


omigosh... the Gayo Dajeun's preview of the boybands are freaking cute! but, Lee Joon of MBLAQ & Yoseob of BEAST's part are the most cutest... LMAO! i love BEAST & MBLAQ's love ^o^

credit: twoonedaystream@youtube

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Saliza said...

year end is the best. every korean tv station with their gayo perf.

Omo Lee Joon neomu saranghae

Anonymous said...

best la tgl kat KL...kalo ade event pun boleh pgi Korea Plaza...sedihnye TT_____TT

AnCa said...

sorry for the question and for the looong comment but where did you get the "pic" from(youtube) and is Gayo Dajeun a TV series or kinda varety show??