Saturday, December 5, 2009


actually, i just finished watching OTH Season 6 2 weeks ago... and i thought Season 7 is still on planning! and i just found out today, Season 7 has kicked off since September and yeah of course, without 2 main casts: CHAD as LUCAS SCOTT & HILARIE as PEYTON SAWYER.

OTH is my most favorite american drama besides FRIENDS! i always make sure myself not to miss any season... and yeah, i never failed although sometimes i only watch after few months the season ended!

seems like Julian is a new regular for OTH... yay! i like him... i love seeing him with Brooke! hopefully he's the one for dearie Brooke since she has encounters a lot of unlucky love for the past 6th season... it is time anyway... as for Nathan & Haley, i'm looking forward for this lovey dovey couple... i love them since Season 1...

and there's like 2-3 new main casts... erm... one of it is Haley's sister! still need to find more info on them coz i know nothing boout the new casts... seems like it just like i'm watching a new OTH... TT.TT

ps: thanks to my k-pop obsession that makes me outdated with OTH... >,<

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