Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i am BFs... hahaha! well, this entry i would like to dedicate to my most favorite malaysian artist, VINCE CHONG! 6 years ago, before i was k-popped, i'm totally into local music! and basically Vince was the 1st malaysian artist that i really adore and after he won Akademi Fantasia Season 1 in 2003, i've been chasing him 'legally'... i tried to be at all his public performances to show my support...

and what did i get??? he recognised me... hahaha! and now, after 6 years, although i'm a bit slowdown on local music, still, he is my favorite! here are some pictures of me & him ;)


my most favorite pic of us... hihihihi!


latest pic of us

my most favorite song of him, MENGAPA HARUS CINTA

ps: Beloved Fans (BFs) is what Vince calls his fans
psps: i have plenty pix with him since 2003
pspsps: he will come out with a new album later this month


Wanie said...

love it .
i wish i were in your shoes .

Nani Aziz said...

vince was superb rite? i pun minat dia ^^ kalau u nak g fanmeeting ngn dia, ajak i!!! haha