Friday, December 4, 2009


if you are a member of MY-HOTTEST2PM's forum, you'll know what Wooday means... to those who is lost in the jungle, let me give a lil explanation on it. in MY-HOTTEST2PM, everyday is 2PM which each day represent each member of 2PM! yeah, it includes Jaebeom... here are the breakdown on the days:

Monday is Jayday
Tuesday is J.Suday
Wednesday is Khunday
Thursday is Taecday
Friday is Wooday
Saturday is J.Hoday
Sunday is Chanday

ok, back to the real story for the entry! since it is Wooday, and it is really a Wooday for me coz since morning, i've been loaded with extremely a lot of cute pictures of Wooyoung! my heart pumping like a kid and totally fangirling to the maximum!

credit: Market O Real Brownie + 2pm-online

seriously.... i'm falling for his cuteness! CUTE TO THE MAX AITE???

credit: as tagged +

gaaaaaaaa~~~ Wooyoung is totally adorable in her and hot too!


sherermac™ said...

I'm not a member of My-Hottest but hell yeah I'm familiar with 2PM's days. XXDDDDD

Wawa said...

hahahahaha.... today totally a wooday for me! asek spazz on wooyoung jer!

sherermac™ said...

wooday ke tak wooday ke, u always spazz on wooyoung. HAHA! :p