Tuesday, December 22, 2009


sometimes i wonder, what did i get when i'm way too addicted with k-pop and spent tons of money buying albums & other stuffs... but, seriously, i just enjoyed and never thought of anything else... then, when i got a chance to appear on korean national tv, that was like a never in my dream comes true... hahahaha!

basically, a friend SMS-ed me whether i wanna join for an interview for KBS tv program... and without thinking much, i agreed! she told me basically we gonna talk why we like korean artist, and some chit chat on korean wave...

so, on Sunday (20/12), located at Sg. Wang Plaza, around 10 k-pop's fans were gathered for the interview! basically the fans were a combination of TRIPLE S (4 fans), CASSIOPEIA (3 fans), ELF (1 fan), HOTTEST (1 fan)... so, where did i belong??? i'm a Cassie and i can be a Triple S too... but as looking at my current obsession now, i belong into the Hottest... that 1 fan was basically me! hahahaha..

the KBS crew was filming the Triple S' team... i was there to menyibuk! hahaha

the interview was based on the fans interest! so, since i'm a 2PM worshiper, my task is to talk why i like 2PM and all stuffs on 2PM only! i think i was too nervous & my english was quite bad... hahaha! but i don't think it was that bad... and i even need to sing 2PM's song =.= i can only sing 2PM's songs by overlaping the boys' voices... hahaha! still, i decided to sing! my choice of song??? ONLY YOU! hahaha... and i sang only 2 lines :P and, owh, yeah! i think i was being menggedik when i was asked to show my handphone! i was quite excited showing them my corby... and i even told them that the reason i bought it coz 2PM is endorsing it and i chose Yellow coz of Wooyoung... LMAO!~~~

taking a picture with the crew ^o^

after the filming, the crew treat us a korean food! nyehehehehe~~~ i had fun that day!!! now, i'm just not sure whether my interview manage to get into the final cut and will be aired! :P

we were heading to Pavilion for korean food! Nyum! Nyum!

ps: i'm not sure for what program
psps: the program should be aired in korea in january
pspsps: herm... i hope i'm not disappointing hottest coz i did my best =.=
pspsps: all pictures belong to miss jannah


tira said...

I wonder the 4 Triple S ada tunjuk Love Like This dance move tak since they mastered some kat dance class flash mob tu. hehehehe!

Nice one Wawa, sempat promo Corby! hahahahaha! :D

Wawa said...

tira... dorang tunjuk! kekeke...

hahahaha! terlebih promote kot corby tu :P

Anne said...


Wanie said...

wow ! really wanna watch that program !
eonnie , tell me if you know when it will be aired !
p/s : OMG , jangan january sudah . kene pegi PLKN . ! T__T