Sunday, December 20, 2009


me & my corby, WOOYOUNG ^o^

if you are my regular reader, you should know that i stated in my previous entry, that i'm going to get myself a Samsung Corby as my 26th birthday's present in January! while i planned to buy it in the 1st week of January, in the end, i can't stand it... yesterday, i dragged my mom to Sg. Wang, and finally, grabbed a corby for myself at RM680...

i'm so happy and excited! once i reached home, i charged the battery for 8 hours, while transferring all the phonebook from my Sony Ericsson K618i to Samsung Corby... gaaaaa! luckily i only have around 200++ numbers... hihihi!

since, Sg. wang is the only place that sell the phone at a cheaper price, so, i need to drive all the way to the city of KL, although i hate it... i can't buy it in OneU coz the price for Corby is RM790... dang! and the one that i bought is not AP k, it is original Made In Korea!

and very obvious the color i decided to buy is Jamaican Yellow coz that is the color LOVE OF MY LIFE endorsing... hahaha! well, actually Corby in Malaysia only available in 4 colors: CUPID PINK, JAMAICAN YELLOW, FESTIVAL ORANGE & MINIMAL WHITE! but the one that 2PM is endorsing have ENERGETIC GREEN, JAMAICAN YELLOW, MINIMAL WHITE, CHIC BLACK & CUPID PINK... a lot of Taec & Chansung's lovers were quite disappointed since their hubby's are not available in Malaysia. but here is great news for Chansung's lover in Malaysia, everytime we buy a corby, it will come with 2 extra casings: 1 casing will be the same color of the main casing but with abstract printing & CHIC BLACK casing... yewp, Chic Black casing will be given for free ^o^

i'm enjoying my corby to death! hahaha... besides no 3G's function, others are awesome! just, since i never used a handphone with a touch screen function, i am currently tried to get use to it... hihihi!

the backview of my corby on the corby box >,<

the set!!! ps: the 2PM's mobile strap is not included... kekeke

ps: i decided to name my corby as WOOYOUNG! :P
psps: the most hating part when we change a handphone is the network setting! i need to go to maxis centre to set back my network setting! at the moment no MMS and i can't use the twitter/facebook's function since my internet network is deactivated!