Thursday, December 31, 2009


I feel like it was just yesterday when I celebrated the 2009 new year, and now, it has ended. 2009 is a year where a lot of emotions happen to my life. There’s happiness and there’s also sadness that colored my life in 2009.

Twenty Five to Twenty Six… When I turned 25, there are a lot of things that played in my mind. Reaching the age of 25, is totally like a new era for me. I felt like I really turned as an adult. It is the age when I started to concern about my age more than before. Turning 25 was when I started to hold to this tagline: AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER! A week from now, I will officially 1 year older than today. Sometimes I’m kinda hate being the new year girl coz new year means new age. Totally, I’m partly ready and partly not to be twenty six.

Love… Love totally is not one of my lucky stuff this year. In February, 3 days before the Valentine’s I decided to end my 6 years relationship. It was a hard decision but I knew it was the best for me and him. And after 10 months of breaking up, I am still single and searching the right guy for me. As for him, he already found his new love and I’m happy for him. A lot of my friends getting married this year and some of them already a parent. Why is it easy for them finding their own love and I’m still can’t find mine?

Family… I don’t know what to say about my family anymore. When I felt like my family situation is getting better, and it turned out to be worsened. And actually every single day I prepared for the worst. I mean I’m always ready if suddenly my parents said they wanna get divorce. Believe it or not, I wish they will make that decision. I don’t see the point of them ‘staying’ as husband and wife while my dad doesn’t stay with me and my mom for the past 2 years. The world of only me and my mom without my dad in the picture is happier. Tired of all shits did by my dad.

K-Pop… This year I have been swayed by K-Pop completely. When I started to get into k-pop last year September, I knew little about k-pop and my k-pop obsession was only TVXQ and I knew no one else except them. This year started when I start to open my heart bit by bit to get to know other Korean artists especially singers. Taegoon, U-Kiss & 2NE1 are some k-pop’s artists that manage to capture my heart with their music and looks of course! Hehehe… Now everytime I watched a music program especially Music Bank on KBS World, at least half of the performers, I can correctly name them.

2PM… This is a continuous of my k-pop’s paragraph coz I really need to do this part in its own paragraph. 2PM! They are totally my biggest influence this year. Since I knew them back in May, I will feel incomplete when I didn’t surfing about them just for a day. How they make me laughed my ass out with their dorkiness. Jaebeom, Junsu, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung are the 7 guys that I adore and love with all my heart. I might look some stupid girl who loves bunch of guys that doesn’t know my existence in this world, but I love them without conditions. The only thing I need from them is to continue singing coz seriously I can’t think of my day when there’s no more 2PM. And I hope the next time I cry for 2PM is the day Jaebeom returns to 2PM and reunite with his beloved brothers. I was totally heartbroken when he decided to quit from 2PM and I even cried for the whole week when I thought about it. If I need to wait for the rest of my life, I will!

TVXQ… The group that brought me to the k-pop’s world. This year was totally hard on them and on me too. Seriously, I’m missing them and wish for them to solve their current issue as soon as possible so I can see Dong Bang Shin Ki stand on stage as 5 again.

Wild Cicadas… seriously, one of the best rewards from knowing 2PM! Wild Cicadas consists few girls from MY-Hottest! Well for now, it consists me, Bell, Lumos, Mai & Hana!!! We did hangout few times together and even did a special card for Taecyeon’s 21st birthday! I am really glad knowing this girls and how we spent each other together so much on the net! Kekekeke…


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