Friday, December 18, 2009


finally i decided to blog about BEAST! since their debut, although i had a lil interest on them but they still can't make me stalk on them that much... i like Bad Girl but it wasn't addictive to me that much! til they started to perform MYSTERY 2 weeks ago, it changes! the song, the dance kept repeating in my head... and i realised, I AM ADDICTED TO THE SONG! hahaha...

well, am i a B2UTY??? i prefer not to claim as a B2UTY yet since i'm not really their full time stalker... i only stalk their MYSTERY's performances... but as usual, still i have my favorite member! the magnae, Dong Woon and Hyun Seung looks kinda hot in Mystery...

ps: i call the visual magnae as KANAK-KANAK RIBENA (Ribena Kid)

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nanana-ne said...

love mystery tooo!!!

actually, i'm dayana frm two hand touch the one who did the card for Taec. :)