Monday, July 12, 2010


well, last weekends, Brian Joo was in Malaysia for a fanmeeting cum showcase! NO NO NO! i didn't go coz i'm getting money-less nowdays! but i knew he'll be guesting on 8tvnitelive that Saturday night, so i stayed up late to catch that interview! since we can do live chat on 8tvnitelive, i just tried my luck to send a shoutout and wish Brian will read it...

but as expected, hundreds of fans are sending their messages too and hoping for Brian to acknowledge it!so, my chances will be like 1%... 30 minutes after i sent my message, i spotted my message appeared at the shoutbox area and suddenly one of the host, mike, looked at it and started to read mine! i was like.... WHAT?????!!!!! U READ MY SHOUTOUT...!!!! the best part was, i sent a totally simple shoutout which nothing special... my shoutout was: BRIAN! WASSUP MAN! WELCOME TO MALAYSIA.... yeah, i know it was way to lame! i should asked for a flying kiss or a heart.... no point of complaining now... hihihi! well, here is the clip when my shoutout was read by Mike... my username is GEGIRL84... pronounced wrongly by mike =.=

credit: fanwondersone@youtube

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