Friday, August 27, 2010


let's take a break from my k-pop's craze for a while! it has been a while, i follow an Indo drama & fell in love with the drama. CINTA KIRANA is currently aired on Astro Ria and i'm following it every weekdays, 6.30pm - 7.30pm...

i'm not sure why i love this drama but i do love watching Randy Pangalila as Galang... his smile, just made me smile... and as for Nia Ramadhani, i always like her ;)

It begins when Sita met her long separated ex-boyfriend, Rama. The two folks agreed to pass their love that used to fail, onto their grand children. Sita was happy and imagined a better life for Kirana, her granddaughter. So does Rama for his grandson, Galang. Kirana and Galang that used to quarrel ended up falling in love.

Disaster comes when Rama and Galang got into an accident. Rama passed away, while Galang’s body was never found. Kirana became the back-bone of the family. She then met Evandra, a publishing boss that hates women. Evandra changed because of Kirana and grew to like her; meanwhile, Kirana’s love is only for Galang. One day, Galang returned but as Mischa, Galang’s twin. He did this as he could not bear to leave Renata who helped him from the accident.

Galang was happy that Kirana took care of the family, but he was shattered as he couldn’t return his love to Kirana, Kirana was hurt, Galang was hurt even more. (Airing year: 2008)

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