Monday, July 19, 2010


i'm trying not to think much of what happens to my gift til, my dearie my-kissu co-admin tweeted me that she saw my gift was holding by u-kiss codi-nim in KLIA! that time the team was about to leave Malaysia for Singapore... so, i watched it, and OMIGOSH! THAT WAS MY GIFT~~~

THE GIFT!!!!!!

then, i tried to search U-Kiss arrived in Singapore from Malaysia, again! i saw my gift on codi-nim's shoulder... ahahahaha! this is cool... tell you the truth, doesn't matter if that gift wasn't used by Dongho coz what i was so excited about, from hundreds gifts they received when they were in Malaysia, they picked my gift to bring along to Singapore... i'm so touched ^o^

1st vid was u-kiss in KLIA leaving for Singapore... vid credit to zafirah28@youtube

2nd vid when u-kiss arrived in Singapore from Malaysia! vid credit to flowerjco@youtube

how can i not be touched when my gift was chosen among these hundreds gifts after the fan meeting! CREDIT TO THOSE WHO OWN THIS PIC ;)

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