Friday, July 16, 2010


in my previous post, i blogged about how my shoutout on 8tv Nite Live was answered by Brian Joo! yes, that lame message... but who ever thought that lame message worth AN AUTOGRAPHED POSTER + POSTCARD OF BRIAN JOO????? i never thought of it... when 8tv nite live listed out all the winners on wednesday night, i was shocked to see my username, gegirl84, under the prize of autographed poster + postcard... well, i think it is totally my luck~~~ COOL! COOL! :p
the whole package!

i'm GEGIRL84, with a handphone number of xxx-xxxxxxx

the goodies!!!!

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Liz said...

Congratulations Wawa :) You're quite a lucky gal when it comes to Kpop, huh?