Monday, July 5, 2010


since Jay permanent withdrawal was announced, i've been asked by few people & i've been asking myself too, am i a hottest or jaywalker or both... i'm pretty sure i'm a hottest, but jaywalker??? i'm a fan of Jay Park, but i won't call myself as Jaywalker... YES! THAT IS MY STANCE~~~

when i started to know about 2PM, i learned 2PM as a whole without having any bias at first!and once i'm falling for them as a group, that was when i started to learn the group members bit by bit, and now i end up a bias of Jang Wooyoung. let me tell you the truth, as i'm totally crazy in love with wooyoung, but my love towards wooyoung is not as big as my love towards the 2PM's group itself. so, if one day, wooyoung is the one who gonna leave 2PM, from what i can promise as Hottest, i'll still be here as 2PM's fan & as Hottest. but will i gonna hate wooyoung? that will never ever happen to me!

back to the the reality, Jay & 2PM... whether we like it or not & how much we try to deny, 2PM & Jay Park are two different entities now. actually i envy fans who can equally love 2PM & Jay, coz i can't. 2PM is totally my biggest obsession! but do i hate Jay? how can i hate the guy who gave me laughter for 4 months??? i will never ever gonna hate Jay... some people especially 2PM's antis, love to assume, Hottests hate Jay but the truth is, it is vice-versa... i used to read this some where: ALL HOTTESTS ARE JAYWALKERS BUT NOT ALL JAYWALKERS ARE HOTTESTS! well, i might not be in that ALL HOTTESTS ARE JAYWALKERS, coz i prefer to be just a fan of Jay Park.

besides being a hardcore fan of 2PM, there's another main reason, why i don't want to be called as Jaywalker. when i decided to take 2PM's side, naturally, whether i like it or not, yes, i'm no longer a friend with some Hottests. to be exact, we are like an enemy now! but, was it my choice decided for this thing to happen like this? and they even said how they lose respect to us, MY-Hottest, coz we talked behind their back???? they said how stupid were us coz we can't see the truth & we were blind by 2PM's boys... so, who is the one started to lose respect here 1st?! since the beginning of this 2PM-Jay's issue, these people can't accept fans who decided to be on 2PM's side and they started to talk bad & bash about us & 2PM non-stop... so, when we were doing the same thing, talked bad & bash them (when we did this, we only bash the antis, we don't bash Jay at all! see the difference?), we were the one who being 'kurang ajar' here... how ironic ha??? and let me ask you, HOW CAN I CALL MYSELF AS JAYWALKER IF BEING A JAYWALKER, MADE ME STAND AS LOW AS WITH THOSE PEOPLE THAT I HATE? i'll never do that~~~

my entry is not to offend anyone, either Hottests or Jaywalkers! if you really read my entry with a mature mind, you know what i meant! i don't say Jaywalkers are low, but i'm looking down to those ex-hottests that i used to know... i don't want to stand or being the same level with people who were being disrespectful towards me, my friends & 2PM... i used to tweet publicly that i still love Jay, when someone who i thought at least have respect towards us, indirectly respond to my tweet by saying, LOVE YOU MY FOOT! then your wish is my command ;)

i'm glad, i gotta know few Jaywalkers that are nice & i respect them so much... YOU DON'T EARN RESPECT WITH NOTHING! YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT BEFORE YOU CAN EARN IT... NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD...


Anonymous said...

heyyo, i just happen to read your blog because i subscribe to google alerts. i have to agree with you that the antis are pretty "harsh" towards hottest.

yeah they call us blind and how they have seen the truth of 2pm's act. they said the 6 should give up for the 1 and if they didn't do that to save Jay cause he was a family member, they felt cheated. hmm i thought fans in the first place consider themselves as family of 2pm but since they turn their back on 2pm i dont think they deserve to talk about love, family, loyalty and sacrificing. for me i still support Jang Wooyoung^^

This is totally random of me but rare that i see a brave soul standing up for 6pm. 1st generation hottest who stayed and the new generation hottest have always been attacked by the antis. i think that really made us stronger and loyal hottest compared to other fandom. we experienced much more...

hahaha should i look forward to your reply on my comment or anything? I wanna share my blog with you since we are bother into WOO but idk how to do anonymously on blogger...LOL

Wawa said...

hey.... sorry for the late reply!

yeah... the antis just can't accept 2PM still has a stronger fanbase! and if they hate 2PM, why bother bout them til now...? LOVE-HATE relationship????

oh, do share ur blog with me! i love to take a peek at urs ;)