Friday, December 17, 2010


yay!!! another 2PM's album just got into my collection and it is the 1st Japanese collection of 2PM that i ever bought. well, the album is 01:59PM, just like the korean & malaysian version that i have bought before... but i felt so excited since the packaging is completely different! and what i always like bout japanese album, it always comes with extra stuffs... photocards!!! the DVD is awesome...

oh, hey! welcome to Malaysia!

the CD and it contents

the DVD and the back cover!

wooyoung Thank You notes!it is the same with Korean Ver. but there're members signature ;)

the photocard! it's namecard's size

01:59PM: Korean, Japanese & Malaysian

my current collection of 2PM's albums ^o^


Si Gadis Semasa said...

wow !!! so jealous . eonnie beli kat mane ehh biasanya ? online ke ?

Wawa said...

tak tentu... ada yg order/beli dr kedai... and ada yg on9! kalo on9, tak tentu site... hihihi!

Nani Aziz said...

wow... devoted Hottest! bestnya.
how much eh the japanese version? thank you note dia pun macam cool ^^

Wawa said...

hihihi... thanks...

well, i bought the one with free shipping, RM105 ;)