Thursday, December 23, 2010


i really can't wait for this drama... yes! i'm biased~~~ the reason why i'm extremely excited with this drama coz Wooyoung will make his debut acting in Dream High! KBS has been teasing the fans by releasing tons of still pictures of the drama! so, 3rd January 2011, please come faster ^o^

he's the main reason why i'm uber excited for this drama!!!!

this is freaking cute k... Wooyoung & IU will be an item in DH!!!

Jason (Age 17)/ Jang Wooyoung

Suddenly return from US to enroll in Kirin High School,

Complete with both singing and dancing talents, he’s a genius who likes to compete with others. Just for fun

A guy who can sleep ZZ even before major auditions/performance. Has relaxed laid back attitude about everything. His dancing pressures Jinkuk(Taec) and his singing makes him Samdong(SuHyeon)’s Public Rival.

Kim Pil Suk (Age 17) / IU

Owner of a creepy(?) vocals and huge weight. Nicked name Choengeun Queen, a type of Sushi that is,

A cheerful girl with the appearance and sensibility of a girls from Girl Manga, like men are not safe giving her a pen without her thinking “He’s hitting on me”, that kind and extent of analysis.

(omitted….something I don’t get)

When she came to Kirin she met Jason’s glance for a while from far away and suddenly falls in love at first sight, and has one-sided(?) love for Jason ever since.

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InnerMagui said...

I'm looking forward to watch this drama =D Thanks!