Tuesday, October 19, 2010


finally i have mood to blog about the latest stuffs on my ultimate 2PM! if you are a k-pop's maniac, then you should know that 2PM just released their mini album, STILL 02:00PM! well, it is very obvious why they named the album that... coz they are still the same 2PM, with all the acrobatics dance etc.

for the FIRST time in my life, i downloaded the album LEGALLY on soribada... i wanna help 2PM for their counting charts thingy, plus, i wanna do the right way as a hottest! hahahaha... i love the album! all the songs are so fresh & i don't feel bored listening to it. My favorite tracks are the the title track itself, I'LL BE BACK & the lovely song, I CAN'T.

I'll Be Back is awesome, and the choreo, yada! yada! it was a lil awkward at first seeing 2PM shuffled but not it grows in me. My music section is automatically playing the MV, so enjoy it...

ps: did i said my baby Jang Wooyoung is uber hot & his voice is uber awesome?

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