Tuesday, November 16, 2010


let’s cut all the necessary part k ;)

we were allowed to enter into the hall around 10.45am and as i thought it will be numbered seating since we were given a seat number, just to realise it was a free standing! since me & lumos’ number were A0107 & A0108, so, when we entered the venue, the front part of the stage was still empty, so me & lumos ran as fast as we can to chop the place! like seriously, we were so excited coz we managed to be at the first row in zone a…

we were in the hall for 20mins waiting for 2PM to come on stage…and when we saw 2PM at the site of the stage, getting ready to come out, we screamed like mad people!LOL~~~ then the hall’s lights were deemed and we knew, 2PM will be coming out in any minutes! dang… 2PM came out from the bottom of the stage, again, we screamed like no one in the world! when they came out, i can see all 5 members except JANG WOO YOUNG! he was blocked by Junho… ekekeke! i’m a wooyoung’s biased, so, when i can’t see only his face, i screamed out, JUNHO, SYUH! lol… sorry junho-yah :p

then 2pm came down slowly to the front part and finally i can see wooyoung’s face… shidz!!!! i was so speechless to see all 6 members right in front of my eyes…and like seriously, whether on screen or live, they looked EXACTLY the same… they were very very very very very very good looking! i’m not kidding…

since i made a placard of I ♥ 2PM & WOOYOUNG, so, i turned my placard between both placard… they kicked off the fanmeeting with I’ll Be Back… i managed to capture 6 pictures during the beginning of the performance, but my friend got warned, so i decided to just kept my camera instead TT.TT and i just enjoyed the whole fanmeeting like a fangirl, waving my placard and screamed the boys name (wooyoung the most of coz). after i’ll be back, they sang Again & Again, and lol… they kinda screwed up the last part of AAA!junsu was out of tune :p when the interviewed started, i understood nothing… neither thai nor hangeul… LOL!

during the 1st game session which it was the paper dance, the fans played among themselves first and the boys just watched it. then it was turned of the boys! the boys were split into 2 teams: ChanSuHo & TaecKhunWoo! taec was very excited to play it. but the most precious moment was Chansung! Chansung’s team was at my zone, when he bent down to fix the paper, without he realising it, he actually flashed his butt at us… ekekeke! all of us at our zone were speechless and we took out our hands and tried to grab his butt… LMAO!!!

if i have to story what happen at the fanmeeting, the moment you have finished reading this, you will fall asleep. so, i’ll put in bullet points of my favorite moments.

  • wooyoung was mostly at our zone, so most of the time, my placard was showing wooyoung! everytime he looked at least at my spot, i will wave my placard and shouted his name but he didn’t realise it although i’m right infront of him (or, he couldn’t care less? LOL!) TILLLL when fanmeeting was about to end, he looked at our zone again, i just waved without shouting his name, and he looked at it, and he raised his eye-brow to me!!! OMIGOSH… thai hottest who was next to my friend that saw that moment too, looked at me & laughed!!!!! HEAVEN~~~
  • taecyeon can be considered the most lively member… he was really playful on stage and wooyoung was a bit serious… ekekekeke! as expected neway ;)
  • we witnessed how white & beautiful are the members teeth… LOL!
  • and i just confirmed myself that 2PM is totally consists of 6 hot men!!!!
pictures for fanmeeting can be checked here: wawa.is.me@tumblr

ps: 2nd part will be the concert fan account but since my spot was at the back, so it will be more a post about my moments enjoying the concert, instead of 2PM’s moments =.=oh, *cough* and how hot namyoung is *cough*

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