Monday, April 16, 2012


Before you think this post is related to Junho & Wooyoung's Move On, NO IT IS NOT... ehehehehe

Starting from today, i decided to countdown my last day with my current company. Ive tendered on 9th April with one month notice, and after deducting my 6 days leave, my last day would be on 27th April 2012, which is next week.

The reason? Well, i don't think i should talk it here. but, i have to resign not because i want too, but i have to & no choice. i'm kinda sad yet, i have to accept it, and move on. hopefully, i'll find the same happiness i had at my current company at my future company which i'll start on 7th May.

ps: i have one week holiday before i start my job at the new place... huyeah!!!
psps: unrelated, but i was writing this entry while listening to Junho & Wooyoung's Move On...

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