Monday, April 16, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 3

This entry is a long long long overdue... LOL. Anyway, on the 3rd day, we only been to 2 places, Nami Island & Lotte World.

1. Nami Island, Chuncheon

Beautiful Nami Island ^^
It's quite far from Seoul, but since with the super efficient public transport, i didn't feel it was quite far after all. We've decided to take the train, which we have to switch the train's lines twice, so it took us approximately 2 hours to reach our destination. Well, 2 hours including getting into a wrong train... LOL

For those who are not sure what is Nami Island, basically, it is famous coz of Winter Sonata. If you also don't know what is Winter Sonata, Mr. Google will help you to answer the question. Well, Nami Island is kinda famous during the winter, but when i went, it was already the end of autumn, so it was still as beautiful as it should be.

The trees there were beautiful, and of coz, there're a lot of things that related to Winter Sonata. My fangirling mode is on fosho, seeing all these thingy. And they only have 1 place to fill-in your stomach, and it is HALAL. Yewp, they even have a halal sign. What they have? Lunch Box a.k.a Dosirak... Nyum! Nyum!

By 2pm, we've decided to leave Nami Island, and we took a bus to the train station. Believe me, we became a lil jakun on the bus... ahahahaha.

It's a beautiful place seriously, and for 1st timer to Korea, this place have to be in the 'A PLACE YOU MUST GO' list.

2. Lotte World

Say Hey!!!
It's a theme park. Almost like our Sunway Lagoon, with indoor & outdoor theme park. Just, i'm not a theme park person, so, i paid the entrance fee to loitering while waiting for my friends playing. But i'm not alone since Kak Eton was with me... ehehehehehe

Well, i just don't play rollercoaster, or something similar to it, but i still play something not extreme, like Haunted House... HAHAHAHA. Anyway, it was fun tho ;)


Yakson House(약손명가) said...

Nice to see our country`s photo :) I hope you had a great time in Korea!

Wawa said...

@Yakson House,

Thank you ;)

Lumos said...

Komen tadi tak appear so aku komen lain pulak.

Ko pegi korea dgn sape? Sume gambar ko sorang...craiiii!!!!! LMAOOOO

Wawa said...

aku pergi dengan anak Pak Yahya, Pak Mustapa & Pak Mahir... blog ini dinamakan WAWA.IS.ME bersebab... jd, haruslah muka cik wawa yang comel lagi lote je ditepek...

ps: ni sebenarnyer entry cincai-boncai je... malas nak arrange pic banyak-banyak... LOL