Friday, September 14, 2012


When it was announced that there'll be Korean version for Hana Kimi, I was a lil skeptical. I'm totally a BIG BIG fan of the Japanese version coz everything about the drama was perfect. Even, after I watched the Japanese version, I can no longer watch the Taiwanese version although I started my Hana Kimi's craze with Taiwanese version first. You can check out my posts on Hana Kimi (Japanese Ver.) here!

To The Beautiful You (TTBY), that is the titled for Korean version. Actually I didn't plan to watch this drama (the casts, SHINee's Minho & f(x)'s Sulli kinda turn me off at first). But when I knew Lee Hyun Woo (God of Study & Equator of The Man) will be part of this drama, and he'll play Nakatsu, I'm totally excited coz I like him so much. So, I've decided to watch it on One (one of the channel for Astro subscribers, Malaysia satellite TV) once it airs. FYI, I'll only follow a drama online, if I really love & into it.

So, last Wednesday (12 Sept 2012), the 1st episode of TTBY aired on One, and........... I WAS HOOKED IMMEDIATELY. Once the 1st episode finished, I went straight to download the drama, and I've watched til episode 5 by the time this entry was posted. I can't stop watching it & obviously I'm loving it.

A lot of people scared that TTBY will ruin the perfectness of Hana Kimi, but to me, it doesn't coz I've minimised my mind not to compare the 2 dramas too much. J-dorama & K-drama are totally not the same when they delivered any dramas. Hana Kimi was originally a manga, and when they decided to adapt it into TV series, they delivered it perfectly in a comical way. While TTBY, they still maintain the main storyline, but they are adapting it into k-drama well too. If TTBY did exactly like Hana Kimi, then, YES! IT WILL RUIN... TTBY is less comical than Hana Kimi because TTBY is a korean drama, so it has to be like a typical K-drama. 

Surprisingly, I think Sulli played her character very well. I really love Gu Jae Hui & she really managed to bring out the feminine yet tomboyish look. As for Minho, he did OK for Kang Tae Joon tho I can still feel the stiffness from his acting. But it is acceptable to me.

And... of coz my most favourite character is none other than Cha Eun Gyul, played by Lee Hyun Woo. With that fugly hair, I still love him. His character is less funny than Nakatsu but he's still managed to make me giggle with his adorableness...

Maybe one thing is lacked in TTBY, how the writers don't put much attention on other characters. The character of school doctor & Nenba-senpai are as important as the other characters. But up til episode 5, the drama doesn't focus on these 2 characters much. Plus, the stories of the head of the 3 dormitories also was not covered much. Well, I'm not sure for future episodes, so, let's watch it without thinking it too much k ;)

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