Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 4

Sunday in Seoul... ^^

1. Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

Don't kill me please!!!!
 This museum was located only 5 minutes from our guesthouse. It was a fun fun fun spending time at the museum with my friends. Basically it's an art museum, but the drawings are 3D effects. 

We were there for almost 2 hours, took a zillion pictures... Seriously, the pictures there were awesome!!!

2. Dongdaemun

It's all about souvenirs. We were wandering from the afternoon til evening. There's one famous shopping complex, which is called Doota. The mall is basically not that cheap, but there are 2 souvenir shops that sell plenty of stuffs that you can bring back home. Oh, the shop owners can even speak Malay/Indo. So, don't mengumpat ok... LOL

It is also famous of the Dongdaemun Market (DDM). Herm... I wasn't find interesting at the market, or maybe it was Sunday, so, there're a lot of shops were closed. But, I managed to grab 2 aprons as requested by my mom... hahahaha! she wanted me to buy after seeing a lot of nice aprons in k-drama...

Can you see me, or all you can see is Buck?
 Walked around Dongdaemun for a while, and found It's Skin... 2PM mode is freaking on! Bought the eye-liner (which it turns out good to me), and Timah was trying hard for the salesgirl to give us 2PM's posters. In the end, she gave us, after Lumos bought her stuff too. 1 poster for each of us... Yay!

3. Luxury, Hongdae

I'm sleepy O.o
It's a noraebang place, and........... it's a noraebang place that 2PM went in Wild Bunny Ep. 1. And what makes it so special, we requested for 2PM's room... YES! You can request it, by mentioning 2PM's room. LOL!

I had fun tho after 2 hours, i took a nap while my t-listeu were having fun karaoke-ing! kuikuikui

That's all on my 4th day in Seoul ^^

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