Thursday, June 14, 2012


today, Wooyoung tweeted a surprise pic of his sexy back, TOPLESS! of coz as an avid creeper of him, i went gkdbdldndld! at first, i thought that will be his album concept which i'm totally digging it. but once the translation of his tweet came out, actually it's for a magazine shoot!

freaking magazine shoot... and later, it was revealed that it was for MEN'S HEALTH! hoshit... that freaking MEN'S HEALTH! the same mag that Khun, Chan & Taec were featured. i'm not sure whether my pabo aegi will be as the front cover, but i'm totally gonna grab a copy!

i was never imagined that Wooyoung will be featured in Men's Health coz he is Wooyoung... hahahaha! well, he has been working really hard to build his body lately! finally he found exercising is amusing? LOL~~~ not complaining, would never complain...

the picture that he tweeted that turned Woo-stan wild!
ps: july is a heaven month for woo-stan coz he will debut as a solo artist too! mini album yaw~~~

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