Sunday, April 29, 2012


30th April is here again (it was still 29th April in Malaysia when this post was posted O.o), and that means my k-pop ultimate bias ever, Jang Wooyoung turns 23 years old today (24th for korean age).

if according to my timeline being a 2PM's fan, this is his 3rd birthday that i'm celebrating ^^.  just like every year, i'm uber excited for it. well, that's what all fangirls do aite?

Dear Jang Woo Young,
This is my 3rd year celebrating your birthday as 2PM's fan, and as your bias.
To me, you are a perfect guy in your own way, and that is why you are JANG's PERFECTION!
I wish you gonna have the best birthday of your life this year, and wish you all the best in what ever you gonna do!
I Love You & I'll always do!

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