Thursday, October 15, 2009


the last time when i really went gaga over a k-drama was BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS! that time i stayed up late every night just to get to watch the latest episode of it on the same day it showed in Korea... and how i spazzed about the drama like a crazy girl! hahaha

and now, there's a new drama that makes me get head over heel again! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL... at first i wasn't interested but when i know Hongki of FT Island is part of the drama, so i decided to watch and guess what... i hook with the drama instantly! and i'm officially a fan of A.N.JELL although this band is not real... hahaha! Jang Geun Seuk is totally a hottie as Hwang Taek Kyung... Hongki, oh my god! he's so damn funny and cute in that drama... this is my first time knowing Jung Yong Hwa and he resembles a lot of Jihoo sunbae character from BBF... Park Shin Hye, i do love her character in here and she acts as a boy, kyopta!!!!

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L's said...

chokie wants to see this too!!!!!
but i have exams coming up so an enormous NOOO for me T^T

have to wait after 6-7 weeks more before i can hook myself up =D
well, might as well can watch a whole lot of eps than wait for new eps every week rite? wakaka!