Monday, October 5, 2009


OMG! i'm soooo loving After School's performance of Again & Again... well, although it is not as good as 2PM (okay, that is way too biased... hahaha), but they gave their 100% to do it one of the famous song in 2009...

well, Again & Again's step is not that hard but the steps obviously choreographed for a boy band... it doesn't have a sexy move but due to the 2PM's hotness & energy, the steps look cool on them... so, when a girl band did Again & Again, they can't just do it normally, so the performance will look dull due to the non-sexy's move on it.... but what the most important thing, what Ga-Hee & Becka wrote on their arms... this performance was more like a dedication to 2PM and they are showing their support to 2PM as 7 members as they decided to perform as 7 although After School is only 6 members...

credit: AFSCtv2@Youtube

ps: i shed a tears while watching this coz i miss 2PM badly... :'(

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