Saturday, October 24, 2009


hahaha... can't believe i'm writing about SS501... but hey, although i might not be a hardcore of SS501 like i have for TVXQ & 2PM, i'm still checking on them... okay, i'm checking on them coz of Hyun Joong but i started to open up myself on the group too k especially after i went to the fan meeting early last month!

so, when they released their latest mini album, i was automatically hook with LOVE LIKE THIS! that song is freaking awesome & addictive! even, i'm using the chorus for my ringtone now... today is their comeback stage and i'm totally love it! all of them look awesome & yeah, let me be bias again: KIM HYUN JOONG IS FREAKING BLOODY HOT! toink-toink...

credit: CodeMonmonSeason4@Youtube

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