Tuesday, October 20, 2009


well, to meet Lee Min Ho this Sunday, is not an FOC event! for us to get his signature, we have to spend Etude House product worth RM20 & above, and we will be given a poster for Lee Min Ho to sign on that day itself!

so, after my working hour ended, i decided to drop by Etude House at One Utama to grab the poster! so, i never use EH's product before so i don't know what product should i grab! well, i can just grab any product that cost RM20 & above but i don't want to buy something that i'll not use and, i'll end up wasting my money! so, i decided to buy a compact powder and the price is RM49.90! i told the salesgirl, that i wanna meet Lee Min Ho, so that's why i'm buying the stuff! hahahaha... since Bell asked me to buy for her too, so, i grab eye liner that cost RM23.90!

2 posters in tube belongs to me & bell... 1 LMH's folder... my Etude House compact powder & Bell's eye-liner! all stuffs prepared for upcoming event this Sunday ^^

at first, i said to the salesgirl, that i would like to pay it separately since i need 2 posters, then the kind salesgirl said, don't worry about the poster, she can gives me two and she will give me 1 Lee Min Ho's folder! since i spend another RM20 for the eye-liner, i end up get a 30% discount for my compact powder... ngahahahaha!

so, now i just need to wait for 25/10 to come & meet Lee Min Ho a.k.a Goo Jun Pyo in front of my eyes! neway here are the deails on the event...

Date: 25th October 2009
Time: 5PM
Venue: Sg. Wang Plaza (Concourse Area)
Event: Product Launching & Fanmeeting Session


farrajunsu a.k.a Mrs Kims said...

this is not fair!!~ see u prepared all those stuff...i'm getting jealous unnie!!!~ JEALOUS ==" I dun really like him..but still..I want to meet him juga *sigh* nvm..have fun ya~

Saliza said...

ok2 such a useful info hehe. now need to go to near EH to grab some EH product and poster.

Thank wawa its me saeli unnie

L's said...

halmoni!!!!! AAAAAAAARGGGHH!!!!!!
how come i missed sooo many things!
takpe, in the future MY peluang will come pulak.. T^T
nak pegi jugak.. nak pegi jugak.. nak pegi jugak...