Monday, October 26, 2009


another entry into my fan-account! today, i can't believe i manage to meet one of the most wanted man from South Korea came down to Malaysia... yes, i'm talking about the almighty Goo Jun Pyo eh, i mean Lee Min Ho... hahaha!

well, me, Bell & Atiqah reached Sg. Wang at 12.30pm, and the fan-meeting area was fully with the fans already! but since we don't want to get starving later, we decided to had our lunch at KFC!!! by 1pm, we make our move back to the fan meeting area and sat down quite at the back... then by 2.30pm, we were asked to stand til the fan meeting starts! that means we gotta stand for like freaking more than 3 hours...

as we waited, the fan meeting that should start at 5PM, it has been postpone to 6PM... me & my friends, we were like suffering just like a fish in a can or a meet inside the burger! hahahaha... the most worst thing was, people kept pushing til i lost my patient and shouted to them to stop pushing coz Lee Min Ho isn't even there yet! let me tell you, it wasn't just a light shout but i was TOTALLY shout til suddenly all the people at my back freeze due to surprise... hahahaha! and i'm not proud coz i end the shouting with a bad words... DAMN!

around 5.45PM, the time has come! the MCs were bubbling and finally the man that we were waiting for the past 6 hours came out with a big smile! omg, i was stunned due to his good looking-ness!!! the event started with a launching of Etude House's product... i was totally spazzing with my camera too much! hahahaha... then, around 6PM, the signing session started... as most of the fans tried so hard to line-up, the signing session only last for 20 minutes & less than 50 fans manage to get their poster signed... that is freaking sucks k! haish... i thought at least the signing session will last for 1 hour but 20 minutes was freaking ridiculous... whatever! it has past...

before he went off, he stood and he was like really infront of me... i'm totally amazed with his perfect looking! HE IS SUCH A GOOD LOOKING CREATURE!

ps: i'm so lazy to write this entry actually! hahahaha... coz i can't describe with words of my experience meeting him ^^
psps: more pictures during the event can be checked HERE

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FANA said...

fana pun pegi

tapi duk bleah kanan pentas

mmg sakit hati giler sbb sesi autograf skjp je