Thursday, October 1, 2009


currently, i'm addicted to this drama... well, i didn't follow it from the 1st episode & i missed a lot a lot of the episodes... well, my mom wasn't interested with historical drama, so, i it is not easy for me to conquer the tv... but thanks to me, for the past 2 months, i woke up 8.30am every sunday, and catch 2 episodes straight on KBS World and now, my mom also is following it although maybe she has too... hahahaha!

i love the storyline... i'm not really a big fan of historical drama, but The Iron Empress caught my attention! i didn't know any of the cast inside of the drama but yet, this drama has something that makes me to watch it everyweek... owh, yah! now, i fall for one of the cast, Prince Daeryang who is played by Kim Ji Hoon... will blog about him later...

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