Monday, October 5, 2009


yesterday, MYHottest's members (M'sian Hottest) gathered and did a flash mob to show their support to 2PM & Jay!!! it was totally an awesome event... the event was held at the heart of KL, Bukit Bintang (BB)!!! of course, since i'm a hardcore for 2PM, i will not miss the opportunity to participate in this rare occasion!

the Tame Bunnies on board ^^

girls... you are on my camera! say kimchiiiiii ;)

well, i reached there around 12.30pm and met the team at McDonald's Bukit Bintang! seriously, i know no one but since we are hottests, so i just crashed to any of the table... that was when i knew ezyan, mai, jaja and sorry, i can't recall the other 2 members... blame me being 25! my memory is getting worst... hahahaha! meeting other hottests were the best part when we talked like we have known each other for ages although most of us just met for the 1st time that day... 2PM brought us together...

have u seen this guy anywhere???? he is needed by us hottest badly T___T

it's a CONSPIRACY!!!!!

to those who doesn't know how BB is, BB is a place where a lot of teenagers & foreigners came to shop!!! it always full of people especially during weekend! so, our event totally got attention from the pedestrian... LMAO!!! whether they were malaysian, indonesian, arabian or european/american, they were like: WHAT ARE THEY DOING???? and us with bunny ears totally muka tembok... we don't care about pride anymore, so we threw they shyness far away and did it coz of love towards 2PM! you can call us crazy fan but at least we don't take down on other people! being a crazy fan is better than being an ANTI!

during the freeze flash mob, where we supposed to freeze for few minutes, me and my group had a great moment coz we didn't really freeze! hahahaha... noriko who was in front of us holding the post-it boards end up as a counter information! there's this arabic ahjussi, kept asking her questions... LOL! and there's this korean girl who came to malaysia for a holiday were surprised to see the event... so, during the freeze flash mob, she took pictures with us and as we supposed to be freezed, we decided to pose for her camera... LMAO!

bersama adik ziera yang hyperactive that day...

after the flash mob ended, some of the fans stayed and mingling around taking pictures... the bunnies were everywhere on the street... hahahaha!!! the flash mob's vid only be released on the 10th Oct together with flash mob's vid of other countries... it was one of the craziest day for us MyHottest....

My Hottest is DAEBAK!!!

ps: the vid of the flash mob will only be released on 10th of Oct together with other flash mob by hottest in other country!
psps: visit MYHOTTEST2PM for more pictures yah!
pspsps: my full pictures of the event can be checked HERE

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