Friday, September 18, 2009


lol... hahahaha! seriously, there's like 50% chances of getting caught... YG magazines just release their latest issue and it covers SS501's fan meeting in Malaysia... what makes me surprised is, they included our group pictures! that is cool... BUT~~~ they have pointed a bubble to me, and with info on the date, time & venue in the bubble...

you don't see any problem with that? the problem is, i took a half day leave on that day by saying PERSONAL MATTERS! yes, personal matters equals to fan meeting SS501! wakakaka... and it was totally like a psychic when they pointed the bubble to me although they were like 10 of us in that pictures... YG ah~~~ how can you do this to me??????

credit: YG mag + triplesmy@facebook

yes, i'm the one who is happily did the peace sign at the back and the bubble pointed to me... thanks YG :P

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