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i think you guys know what i meant! I'M HAPPY COZ I CAN'T BELIEVE I MET KIM HYUN JOONG AND HIS BAND MEMBERS... kim hyun joong is not just some korean artist for me but he is one of my dream guy together with the other 2 KIMs: Jaejoong & Taegoon... ok, i might be more as Hyun Joong's fan rather than SS501 but i do listen to some of their songs and i know i can't miss this opportunity to meet them since SS501 is one of korean biggest boyband.

when the news about SS501 will be having a fan meeting in KL, M'sia, my first reaction was: OH, MY GOD! KIM HYUN JOONG... i can't believe SS501 is coming to town... for 2 days i can't concentrate of doing my work and kept dreaming of the fan-meeting! i'm gonna meet THEM ^^

actually, since Thursday is a working day and i'm an employee so, i planned to ciao from office by 4.30 since my office to One World Hotel only 20 minutes away! but a day before the fan-meeting, i decided not to take a risk, i took a half day leave and that means i'll ciao from office at 1pm! by 1pm, i took a taxi and paid freaking expensive fare, RM15! luckily i was in a good mood, so i didn't gave a damn about the fare ^^ i reached One Utama at 1.30pm! since i need to do some shopping for the gifts that i'm about to give them, i tried to be very fast and furious... by 2pm, i reached One World Hotel parking and i think there was about like almost 200 fans already queing!

then, i joined members from Triplesmalaysia like tyra, zaizai, hana & anne!!! Tyra was busy packing 'baju melayu' for the boys... then anne/cheese came and joined us with her banner that in the end brought us to fame... hahahaha! seriously, all the press kept coming to our spot since that banner was freaking noticeable! and one of korean tv station, MBC was there and shot us too! basically we queud around 4-5 hours... the queing gets chaos when they started the selling of the album when people started to cut the line!!! this was when my 2 dongsaengs: Hui & Ducky turned to SCREAMING MONSTER... okay, they have too since people started to push... good job adik-adik ku! buahahaha

anne & me:
coz of this banner made by anne, our group has been captured a lot by press including MBC

ducky, hui & me:
me & my 2 dongsaeng-deul who turned as SCREAMING MONSTER... kekeke!

when my turns started to get nearer & nearer, only GOD knows how was my heart pumping hardly inside and the moment i stepped inside the conference room, ARGHHHHHHH! i can't believe they were in front my eyes. since 1 fan only allowed to give 1 album to be signatured and only to 1 member and not all 5, we got to choose! of course my choice will be my boo, KIM HYUN JOONG! seriously, his line was crowded and i felt like i was a meat in a burger k... i tried my best not to give up on my boo's line... the organiser got pissed since everybody doesn't want to move to another lines, so he said he will stop my boo line! i still didn't give up ^^ but when the MC said, there'll be another 10 minutues before the fan-meeting ends, and if we still didn't get our CD signed, we will walk home without any siggy! okay, now i'm scared!!! i gave up on my boo's line and moved to BABY's line since he's my 2nd favorite! as my turned will be the next one at Baby's line, Young Saeng's line was free and the organiser asked me to get there... without any frustration, i went to Young Saeng smiling... as he signed on my CD, i moved my eyes to Hyun Joong who was just next to him... okay, he is FREAKING BLOODY GOOD-LOOKING! then my eyes back to Young Saeng and i passed my gift to him and said gamsahamnida... ROFL! i can't believe finally i have the courage to at least said one word in hangul... kekekeke! i was so nervous and when i was about to leave, Young Saeng took out his hand to shake with me! hahahaha... i forgot to shake hand with him... LOL!

my very 1st SS501's album signed by cutie Young Saeng ;)

credit: the huntress@blogspot
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credit: warner music malaysia & triplesmalaysia
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as i was enjoyed my moment seeing them and seeing them, some of the fans cried when the time showed 7.30pm, coz the fan-meeting has to stop since the boys have to get ready to make a move to KLIA, to catch their 11.45pm flight back to Seoul... i saw some of them crying especially the one who already inside the conference room... herm~~~~

credit: starfir3@triplesmalaysia
naughty Jung Min left his piece of art on the table cloth at the fan meeting

well, me and my friend Ida, we decided to get crazy by chasing them in KLIA! this is my first time doing this so called chasing! we reached KLIA around 9pm and we saw some Triple S and i asked whether they boys are already arrived and they said the boys just leave One World... so, we decided to grab some food since we already had a water for buka puasa... we grabbed food at KFC! when we were wandering around outside KLIA, then we just realised Hyun Joong was at this one counter and we immediately rushed! he was alone without the other members... basically from what i heard, he lost his passport in his previous flight but the flight attendance found it and passed the airport management! so, Hyun Joong has to fill some paper etc... we the fans, of course took this opportunity to take his pictures but the manager and security kept asking for us not to take any pictures and videos... after he settled the passport issue, Hyun Joong went down through lift and all the fans started to wander around the airport searching for him and the other 4... we were curious where Hyun Joong went and where are the other four???! me & ida we like walking back and forth like 15 minutes before we decided to get back to the main door of KLIA when we saw DSP's staffs were checking in... oh, the boys are still in the airport... some fans gathered outside KLIA and suddenly an MPV stopped and all the boys came out! the security had to do a human circle so the boys can walk smoothly inside the circle to the departure hall... this was when the situation got chaos and people strated to run and me??? owh, yeah! ME TOO~~~ hahaha... i took a vid of them walking towards the departure hall...

hyun joong-ssi was settling his passport issue ^^

the moments the boys get down, i straight to run to the 'tinjau' area and waited for them to pass by! the first person appeared after the custom checking was Baby and he didn't realised that we can still see them from upstairs... the fans started to knock the glass and he heared, and the upon he looked up and saw us, he jumped surprisingly... seriously, that was cute okay seeing his surprised reaction... then one by one appeared and faded from our eyes... there goes my journey! them gonna be missed by me ^^

one of my fancam of chasing them in KLIA! this was when hyun joong was settling his passport issue
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my so BAD BAD BAD quality pictures, SS501 in Malaysia
random info:
  1. the boys used a whiteboard marker and a lot of fans pissed off coz the siggies were erased bit by bit! only hyun joong used the permanent marker! i'm a bit lucky coz i didn't touched Young Saeng's siggy on my CD at all, so his siggy is still in good condition ^^
  2. heard that my boo, Hyun Joong almost fainted after the fan meeting! aigoooo~~~ take care of your health my dear
  3. they didn't bring back all the gifts from the fans! they have to leave some fan gifts that is categorised as food! it is not they don't want the gifts but they have too since Korean custom won't allow any food to brought in! that means, it includes my pineapple tart! sob-sob ^^
  4. jung-min totally a cheerful person coz he as the one who smiled a lot and he did left his piece of art on the table cloth! hahaha... naughty boy!
  5. this is not confirm yet but likely SS501's Persona Tour in Malaysia is likely to happen this coming December! i'm sooooo freaking excited ^^
  6. i gave up on taking pictures of the boys coz it came out sucks all the time, so i switched to video mode!!!

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