Saturday, September 12, 2009


hey Malaysian Hottest, here is a little announcement from our K-Hottest who is currently gathering a petition letter from Malaysian Hottest for Jaebum to send to JYPE centre.

As u read my post, I'm the Korean Hottest.
I'm one the manager of "HOTTEST ABROAD DEPARTMENT" in K-Hottest Union.
I'm in charge of Malaysia bcoz i'm living here.
Many K-Hottests are sending petition letter for Jay to JYP centre.
It is really helpful and effective method to force the JYPE to bring Jay back.
K-Hottest want foreign fans of 2PM to write the petition letter too.
JYPE will be surprised when they get the letter from abroad.

If you are intereted in writing the petition letter, plz write it and send it to me by post.
Then I will gather all the letters and resend it to JYP centre.

if you are interested, please contact her for more info on the petition at:

Malaysian Hottests, please show to JYP how much we want Jay back to lead 2PM once again!

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