Wednesday, September 16, 2009


seung hyun, jae jin, min hwan, hong ki, jong hun

anyway... since these few days i get myself hooked with this band! although the first time i heard of them was last year when their showcase in Malaysia was canceled but i've got no idea who the heck were they... it was simple, i haven't hooked with TVXQ that time so that means, i wasn't k-popped myself yet... hahahaha!

few weeks ago, i watched SGB on KBS World when one of the guest was Hong Ki... and my reaction, "eh, cute la budak ni!" then i bumped into their performance on Music Bank for the song I Hope, and i'm kinda like the song!!! but last monday, when the whole team member appeared on SGB, i was totally surprised coz FT Island has freaking cute members... LOL!

so, this entry just a dedication from me to them coz i think they just gain another fan! hahahaha...

well, i watched Minhwan when he acted in The Road Home but i wasn't know he is the member of FT Island... but when i watched that drama, i always praised him cute!!! so, when he appeared on KBS World for this one showcase on last weekend, i was like: EH, THIS CUTIE BOY IS THE ONE WHO PLAYED THAT CUTE LIL BROTHER IN THE ROAD HOME! hahahaha... i'm soooo outdated ler ^^

currently, i'm addicted to their song I HOPE (barae)... ^^

credit: kisaxhearts@youtube

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Anonymous said...

haha...welcome..join the club....i'm hooked to ft island since their cancelled concert in Msia last year....ever since that, i keept on following them...

and even went to Spore showcase in June....They are totally awesome!!!!