Sunday, September 6, 2009


okay, he shouldn't say it! it was totally rude of saying that... i do understand how the netizens felt coz i was mad when people said bad about my country few days before merdeka! so, i understand if the netizens are freaking mad at him now until they open a petition to send him home!

but he admitted his mistake! he was only 18 years old boy, who had a hard time to adapt with a culture that was totally different for him! he apologised, so why can't they just forgive him???? i bet he loves koreans now!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!

to those who loves 2PM & Jaebeom, sign this PETITION & show support to him!!!!

ps: i think the one who dug his 4 years ago post totally got nothing better to do ha???? how much trouble the person has to face before he/she found that post? sometimes people can be creepy!

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