Friday, August 21, 2009


today, my office internet was down for the whole 8 hours... that's totally sucks... me & internet are like AUR & TEBING... hahahaha! can't be seperated! as i thought my boredomness gonna strike, i survived without internet...

i took the chance of being free from internet to settle all the work that has been piled up for ages! hahahaha... raya is coming though, so, i need to make sure all the releases are on track before i went for a one week raya holiday *banana dance*

but, being free from internet, i managed to finish up my biggest mission from forever! CLEANING UP MY MESSY DESK.... hahahaha! my desk totally like a tsunami just happened... i planned like forever but i was so damn lazy to do it... so, today, I DID IT! seriously ok... KENAPA, TAK PERCAYA KA?????

this picture was last week actually! i should take picture of my desk today before i cleaned it up! it was totally a disaster...

a 360 degrees!!! hahaha... i did it~~~ finally! can you see my monitor with 2PM's Wild Bunny as the wallpaper :P

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