Tuesday, August 25, 2009


finally after a long wait, the ABRACADABRA by DIRTY EYED GIRLS, released on Wild Bunny Ep. 6 today! i laughed so hard watching it... of course as usual, who can beat Mr. Diva, JOKWON, when it comes to imitate girls dance!!! but gosh, the magnae, HWANG CHANSUNG, caught my eyes with his hotness! especially during Ga In's solo part... ^^ tergoda jap k... LOL!

luckily my WOOYOUNG, caught my eyes with his cuteness overboard! POKOK KELAPA's hair... hahaha! and SEULONG... hahahaha! so funny la wei to see him in this crazy project! all machoness of Seulong is gone with the Abracadabra!!! hahahaha...

credit: symbelmyns@YouTube


Lil Tiger said...

Love his smexy eye make up! Chansung did the dance break XD
and we gotta admit that he's awesome in swaying his buttocks <3

Jokwon punyalaaa bersungguh-sungguh! (Mommy Kwon is forever the best at doing girl group's dance cover)

Finally Wooyoungie's pokok kelapa saved the whole vid from being hilariously disturbing to CUTE :D

Gosh Oneday <3

Wawa said...

hahaha... gotta agree! basically all the 2PM members still maintain their manly & didn't try to over do it but Ongie & Kwonnie, rofl, they are enjoying it too much... hahaha!