Wednesday, August 12, 2009


ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH~~~ that's what all Cassiopeia all over the world are holding now! so do i... i will always keep the faith and i believe, Dong Bang Shin Ki will always stay forever as 5! i did join Always Keep The Faith's project... 2 projects to be exact!

mine is at 2:25 (international fans)

mine is at 8:39 (project by Kelly & anya)

ps: thanks to all the hardwork that you guys have been putting on this project so, all DBSK's fan all over the world can show their support no matter where we are!


Mary1803 said...

Ah LOVED both vids, there beautiful! And mine's is at 5:19 (project by Kelly & Anya) ^_^v

Wawa said...

yay ;)