Monday, August 17, 2009



why 2AM not 2PM???? i want PETANG, not PAGI! that was my 1st reaction when i heard the news that 2AM will be coming instead of 2PM for MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia... and what to make it worst, they will only perform at the post-party, not the concert!!!! but as the time get nearer to the concert, i started to get excited and hoping i'll get the invitation for the post-party ^^ since my knowledge of 2AM = 0, i dug some infos on them! i need to come prepared k... and 2 days before the concert kicked off, i received an email from MTV and said we (NSR+artists) are invited to MTV World Stage Post-party... OMG! that made my day and i spazzed over the net... I'M GONNA SEE 2AM!!!!!

on the concert day itself, i reached Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa around 4pm since i need to go to MTV help desk to collect the post-party passes... and since the concert will only start at 6pm, and my concert passes were VVIP/Platinum so, i don't need to queue, plus it was raining, i decided to wait for my artists at the hotel lobby patiently! yes, i didn't came just for the concert but i was doing my work too... LOL! after like 45 minutes of waiting suddenly i spotted guys in tux! at first, i didn't realise who were they since they were surrounded by managers & securities but they do look familiar to me! then: CHANGMIN! i spotted changmin! yes, they walked pass by me and how was my reaction???? i didn't move from my sit while my eyes followed them til they faded from my eyes... then, i realised what just i did! i didn't take any pictures of them... i was stoned there when i saw them! i think i was too shocked... i called 3 of my k-pop's friends and told them about it and they laughed when they knew i was stoned seeing 2AM... 2AM were on their way to the press-conference!

then, when the time showed almost 5.30pm, and i was totally bored waiting for my artists, as i walked left & right at the hotel lobby, once again 2AM appeared & this time, they just walked next to me! all of the 4 boys were totally like shoulder to shoulder with me when they passed by! how was my reaction again? i didn't stoned this time but i acted way too cool! i can't express my jumping heart to them... seriously, it always happened to me... some of the fans at the lobby recognised them and tried to follow them to the lift when security stopped them... kuikui!

and basically, me & my artists started to make a move to the concert zone around 6pm... well, i never knew how cool is VVIP zone actually except we have foods to eat for free! kekeke! i thought it will be a zone only for malaysian artists & people from Malaysian' music scene til, 20 minutes after i was wandering around at the VVIP lounge, 2AM boys walked in front of me in a casual clothes! WHAT THE HECK???? i'm at the same zone with them???? again, my heart jumped like crazy and they walked straight to the end where a special place has been set up for VVVVVVIP.... lol! so, 2AM area separated by a yellow string but i still can see them clearly! i end up glued myself at the spot nearer to their place... hahahaha! i watched every single move of them! i got to say, Jinwoon was the most excited member attending the concert... during Boys Likes Girls' performance he jumped and screamed a lot! i laughed watching all his reactions... while, Changmin was the passive one! he seems didn't enjoyed the concert much like his dongsaeng... i wonder why???? all the rockish songs not totally his favorite genre maybe ;) i did captured some of the moments of them enjoying the concert SECRETLY! although sometimes i stood like 10 feets away from them, i don't dare to take out my camera & captured them! wakakaka... yewp... i'm so coward yet my mind keep saying, be aggressive la wei~~~

i'm such a worst paparazzi ever

owh, yah! the boys enjoyed eating satay so much! hahaha... i saw Jokwon took satay few times! who can resist satay aite??? one of most M'sian popular dish! well, when the time showed 7pm, i realised the boys started to gather under the canopy and that was when i realised sunway started to rain again! LOL... i was under roof all the time, so i didn't realise k! so, they have to bring all the tables into my section... hahahaha! no, i still can't get close to them... buahahaha! whatever, coz my stomach started to dangduting! FOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN 2AM! yeah... right! i can't even finish my food and my feet kept walking to the boys' zone... *faint*

the concert was not much fun to me actually since rock + me = -ve! i only enjoyed Hoobastank performance... All American Rejects was way too long and my leg hurts... i called my friend who was at the moshpit area when she said, she's out & not going to wait for Kasabian & i was so happy coz, i need to get myself outta place! anyway, the 2AM boys are no longer there :P

since the time showed 10.45pm & the post-party will only start at 11.30pm, we decided to do some make-up & my friend and her friend need to change their clothes since they were at mosh-pit zone and they sweat a lot... again, i'm glad i'm at VVIP zone... LOL! need to stop saying that!

we showed our face in front of Euphoria by Ministry Of Sound around 11.20pm like that and we have to queue since they need to do some security checking! and camera was not allowed! so, i put my camera into my make-up bag and dumped the camera into my friend's bag! i passed the security check but not my friend and her friend! my friend got caught with my camera and her friend got caught with her camera! they need to put the camera in the car! well, who the heck wanna walk 20 minutes away just to put the cameras... then this kind abang security helped us to sneak our cameras in... thankish to u bro ^^ well, since we weren't allowed to bring the camera, so i'm a bit devastating coz i can't capture 2AM later! after we filled our stomach with crappy food, 3 of us make a move to the dance floor which located on the 1st floor! as i entered the dance floor, the DJ announced, COME OUT HERE 2AM! geesh... i almost miss them!!!! and people started to take their camera out & the security didn't do anything to people with camera! so, i took out my camera and started to be a paparazzi... LMAO!

me with the background of 2AM's boys

they started off with a korean song (okay, the only 2AM's song that i knew is Confession Of A Friend)... then continued with Chris Brown's WITH YOU! i didn't recorded the 1st 2 songs coz i was saving my memory card for Confession Of A friend... after With You, Changmin said the next song will be Confession Of A Friend, as i' was getting ready with my camera with motion picture setting and when they started to sing & i pressed the record button, IT CAME OUT DIFFERENTLY! and i was thinking, COAF sounds diffrently and i waited til the chorus and realised it wasn't the same song! at that time, i was thinking, is there any song that title COAF??? hahaha... then, i assumed, IT'S EITHER THE DJ PLAYED A WRONG MINUS ONE or THE 2AM's MANAGER GAVE A WRONG MINUS ONE or CHANGMIN MENTIONED THE SONG TITLE WRONGLY! hahahaha... once, i'm back at home, i just knew the song i recorded actually was THIS SONG! after This Song, 2AM sang another english number and this time they sang SO SICK originally by Ne-Yo and they used mic stand coz Changmin said it was cool... hahaha! and they ended their performance with another korean number! during the performance, Changmin did all the talked and he conversed in English! what surprised me that his english was beyond my expectation... well, it wasn't as smooth as people who uses english everyday, but his accent & pronunciation was perfect! i understand every single word that came out from his mouth! way to go Changmin-ssi!!!!

the DJ introduced them as Boyz II Men of Korea ^^

after the performance, the boys went upstairs which that section basically only for VVVVVVIP.. and all other guests started their dancing including me and my friends... after like 45 minutes of dancing, i started to feel the pain on my leg, so i took a seat for a while when i saw familiar faces came down through the stairs! automatically, i stood up and screamed to my friend: 2AM!!!! OMG... 2AM is joining the guest on the dance floor... well, only Jokwon, Seulong & Jinwoon but not Changmin! the moment they step their feet on the dance floor, all the girls started to surround them... me??? okay, i'm not going to be a nice fan anymore, so i dragged my friend so i can take pictures with the boys... my first target will be my favorite: IM SEUL ONG! kekeke... i have to pat him like 3 times before he realised bout me and asked politely: CAN I TAKE PICTURE WITH YOU with an action of capturing a picture... wahahaha! so, he bent down a lil bit since i'm only 5 feet and showed a peace and my friend CLICKED! and i end up saying, THANK YOU and a bow! toink-toink! no, i didn't say it in hangul... hehehe! then, my next target will be Mr. Diva of course, JO KWON! again, just like Seulong, i have to pat him few times before he realising it ;) and my conversation with him exactly just like what i said to Seulong... LOL! i didn't manage to get a pic with JINWOON since he was busy dancing... so, instead of joining other girls danced with the boys, i went back to my friend and danced there... i just don't feel like joining but my eyes glued to them all the way! i did read somewhere that after that the manager told them not to take pictures with fans and they started to reject all their fans request politely! i'm glad i was being fast & furious ^^

okay, Jokwon famous with his all his moves of girl's dance! OMG, i can't believe i can see this Mr. Diva... all his hip moves etc, JO KWON, YOU ARE TOTALLY DA BOMB ;) the boys went up after like 30 or 45 minutes spent on dance floor and when they were about to go up, Nobody was played! and they started to do the step and try to go down and danced on the music & the music changed! hah... i wanna see them dancing Nobody lar~~~ TT.TT...

as the time shows almost 2AM, the boys came down again! LOL... i think they had so much fun time clubbing since i don't think they got a chance to go to club with their busy schedules... again, i just danced from far and didn't try to get near to the boys ;) well, the party supposed to end at 2.30am but it seems not going to end anytime soon for me, so, by 2.40am, me & my friends decided to ciao when the boys went up to the stage and did the Brown Eyed Girls, ABRACADABRA's hip moves! yes, the move that 2AM+2PM will do in Wild Bunny Ep. 5... wohoooooo! so, i stayed for another 5 minutes! kekekeke...

okay, i think i should end my so called essay here! way too long with a boring story i think ^^

save the best for last ;)

more picture of 2AM @ MTV World Stage can be found HERE
they performed THIS SONG @ the post-party (click the song title to watch the vid)


intan karim said...

waaah.. you are so damn lucky, gurl!!! eventhough i don't actually like 2AM.. they are Korean.. so, still jeles.. and their COAF song is damn nice! :p
glad you had a great time that night. :)

farrajunsu a.k.a Mrs Kims said...

Wonnie!!~ hahaha
uh~habis juga bace story unnie nie..
I can imagine..sure u cant stop smiling la malam tu...hehehe
i really envy u..unnie..>.<

Arin said...

wahh, u're so lucky.
I know it that 2am would be nice to their fans. ^^
I hope they know that they have some fans here so that they can come for a showcase, fanmeeting or a concert.

n again, u're VERY lucky ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey ~ U ARE SO LUCKY LA !!!!
The day when they come to Msia is the day that i noe they're coming to Msia...
SO..sure no hope for goin in la ~
But Happy for u that u got the VIP 'ticket' ~
>.< jealous la wei !!
Anyway take care xD

cutexiah@Puteri said...

wawa,ur so lucky..I tought 2pm came instead 2am pulak...but i seriously ini baru je 2am and u frozed?What will happen if u see the triple kims,DBSK and 2pm?I think u'll faint..LOL....
Ur lucky.....

Anonymous said...

u're so damn lucky!!!!
n the media didnt even mention 2am...:-(
so jealous!!!
i dont think i'll b able to even believe my eyes if they stand right in front of me

Anonymous said...

u take pic with seulong!!! sooooo terrriblllyyy jealous with u,wawa~

Anonymous said...

hi wawa unnie. changmin is from the states as well. so that explains why he speaks good english.


nini said...

tak baca tapi saya dah jeles..huhu