Sunday, August 23, 2009


i'm saying it for real! my biggest obsession back in my high school days, BACKSTREET BOYS is back with their new album! their new album, THIS IS US, will be released on October 6! and their new single STRAIGHT THROUGH MY HEART is totally da bomb... i'm soooooo loving it!!! i'm super excited over this! i can't believe, after 12 years, they still give me a butterfly in my stomach...

they maybe no longer a BOYS but they are always be my BOYS

credit: doig17@youtube

In the heart
Of the night
Where its dark
In the lights
I heard the loudest noise
A gunshot on the floor
Ohhhh Ohhhhh

I looked down
And my shirts turning red
Im spinning around
Felt her lips on my neck
And her voice in my ear
Like I missed you
want you tonight

Straight through my heart
A single bullet got me
I cant stop the bleeding
Straight through my heart
She aimed and she shot me
I just cant believe it
No I cant resist
And I can't be hit
I just cant escape this love
Straight through my heart
Soldier down(my heart)
Soldier down(my heart)

Thought I moved
More than on
Thought I could
Fool her charm
I really wanna go
But I cant leave her alone
Ohhhh ohhhh

Hear the sound
Of a love so loud
I just cant, I just cant
Ignore this feeling
Said she misses me
And she wants me
Wants me tonight


In the heart
Of the night
When its dark
In the lights
I heard the loudAlign Centerest noise
A gunshot on the floor


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