Monday, August 3, 2009


i'm totally tired of DBSK's issue right now! the only thing i can do aite now is waiting for the official statement from the boys today... *sigh*

okay, let's move to the real post! hahaha... on 1st Aug, SS501 kicked off their 1st Asia Tour, Persona Tour in Seoul... since i'm more into Kim Hyun Joong's fan rather than SS501 *sorry Triple S* so, i only post bout him... hihihi!!!

he performed his smexy's song, BE NICE TO ME, PLEASE! and when a smexy song + with a sexy dance move + with super sexy's singer = heavy nosebleed :P everything about his performance for this song is sexy! and he went half naked for the like last 3 minutes of the performance!!!

credit: hoonfami@YouTube

ps: malaysia is one of the stop for persona tour! please, please the concert will be happened in malaysia. although i know the part when he stripped off his t-shirt is totally not going to happen in malaysia... boo!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hot gile macam nak mampus!!!
Tolonggggg la jadi dtg Malaysia and do the exact action. Hahaha
*drools drools drools*